There’s nothing better than a win-win situation. This blog will be a win-win. You win because you will gain useful knowledge that will help you live a better life. I win because I have a way to express the thoughts and ideas that I am passionate about, and get the satisfaction of interacting with you.

After talking with several of my friends about investing, I have realized that a lot of people my age want to know more about how to save, invest, and plan for the future with their money. Everyone that I have talked to has been brimming with questions, and eager to learn about money management, so that will be my focus starting out. I want to make you wealthy.

In addition to talking about money and personal finance, we will also explore minimalism, what makes people truly happy, and how to live a healthy life. Interestingly, all these subjects are connected.

So let’s learn how to be wealthy, healthy, and happy, starting with #MoneyGoals.


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