An Obituary for My Bike

As many of you know, my bike was stolen last weekend. Besides my laptop it was my most valuable physical possession. I bought it in 2015 for $650.

While it is frustrating to have someone steal a valuable item that was my main mode of transportation, I am full of gratitude for the two years of service my bike provided me.

Since I didn’t have to own a car over the last two years, my bike has saved me thousands of dollars. It’s kept me in great shape, and the physical benefits of riding roughly 10 miles a day for the last two years should add a substantial amount to time to my expected lifespan (not to mention more savings on healthcare costs).

Beyond the quantifiable, my bike has provided for great memories, riding with friends, family, or by myself. It has even sparked some friendships, and many conversations on campus.

So thank you bike! It was nice knowing you :’(

Then again, for two years of physical fitness, thousands of dollars in savings, longer lifespan and unforgettable memories, $650 seems like a steal (pun intended).